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Origins birth

new patients
A payment of $500 is due at your booking visit at 8-10 weeks with the remaining balance split over two payments at 24-26 weeks and 36 weeks.

What does Origins care include?

Personalised, high-level care - regular appointments throughout your pregnancy with your obstetrician
Continuity of care: one doctor to care for your pregnancy, labour and birth. An Origins obstetrician on-call for you 24/7.
Your Obstetrician will be with you for the birth of your baby at Auckland City Hospital; along with the help, support and assistance of a midwife
One standard fee for your care: extra needs such as twins or a C-section are covered by our standard pricing
Postnatal care for the first 4-6 weeks with a postnatal midwife

Frequently asked questions

What extra things do I need to pay for?
Any extra genetic testing you choose to do in the first trimester is not covered in our fees. In addition, ultrasound scans with specialist radiologists outside our clinic are not included (some radiology groups offer pregnancy packages for a reduced cost). If you choose to stay at a postnatal facility you will also need to pay for this.
Are multiple pregnancies more expensive?
No, the cost for your care at Origins with a multiple pregnancy is the standard pricing.
Can I claim health insurance for my obstetric care?
We are not affiliated with any health insurance companies for obstetric care but we can provide receipts, in order for you to make a claim with your insurance provider.


initial consultation
follow up consultation
Further testing and investigations may have a cost on top of the consultation fees. Please call the reception team if you want to know much a specific test might cost

What does Origins care include?

A 30 minute initial consultation
Follow up gynaecology consultations will be 20 minutes
Any investigations that can be done on the day will be performed during your appointment with your consent eg ultrasound scan or smear
If surgery is required your gynaecologist will organise with you a time that is convenient
We will organise a follow-up appointment to discuss the results of any formal investigations requested by your gynaecologist
Prescriptions and integrated care with other health professionals such as physiotherapists and sub-specialists

Frequently asked questions

How do I book an appointment?
To book an appointment with our gynaecologists please call or email the clinic.
Do I need a referral from my GP?
You do not need a referral from your GP to see our gynaecologist. Just call us to book an appointment directly.
Are you affiliated with Southern Cross Health Insurance?
We are an affiliated provider with Southern Cross Health Insurance so make sure you give our receptionists your policy number and we can process your consultation fees with Southern Cross on the day of your appointment.

Note: If you belong to another health insurance provider, you will need to pay for the consultation on the day and then we will give you a receipt so you can contact your health insurance provider to claim the cost back.
What if I am with another Health Insurance provider?
If you are with another health insurance provider you will need to pay for your consultation in full on the day of your appointment and then our reception staff will give you a receipt so you can take it back to your health insurance provider to claim.
What if I don't have health insurance?
You will need to pay for the consultation on the day of your appointment.